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There was a hall once, where a fire was always burning in the hearth, and soft cushions were scattered on nearby chairs and benches invitingly. A perfect place for song and story, in the Last Homely House East of the Sea. The world has changed, now, and the House is gone, and with it the Hall. But the world still remembers.

There is a place, now (then, always), where there is still a fire burning welcoming in the hearth, and the chairs and benches are always just perfect for sitting and listening. The windows and doors are open to everywhere (everywhen), and any can enter. Here, the memory of the great loremasters and storytellers still remains. You might catch Erestor, grumbling about people not respecting the library's sanctity, or Daeron might wander by the window playing his flute (O Luthien, Luthien, still he seeks you). Maybe Lord Elrond himself will be sitting in the corner with his children or his lady wife, listening to Lindir play. Perhaps Finrod Felagund will walk by singing of Valinor long ago (white shores and silver towers), or Echtelion might be playing his flute in the courtyard by the fountains. You might even catch old Bilbo, sleeping in a corner, or Rumil arguing quietly with Pengolodh at his desk. From the window which looks onto the garden, when the moon is full, the song of Tinfang Gelion still rises. But tonight, ah tonight, a voice is singing, low and sad like the waves on the shore. By the window that looks to the ocean, the last son of Feanor sits.

So enter, friend, and be welcome to the Hall of Fire. If it's story or song you are seeking, you've come to the right place.
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Okay so maybe I did accidentally-on-purpose make your mom leave you forever. But underneath all the murder I think I’m still a really nice guy. 
Maglor, to Elrond and Elros, (In)Correct Tolkien Quotes

Maglor is ancient and has backstory accordingly. I, on the other hand, am almost totally new at this! If you reckon I'm messing up, please let me know? Also Maglor may be able to write beautiful poetry at the drop of a hat but I certainly can't so... please ignore my lame attempts
IP logging is off, Anon is on, Comments are screened etc.

[personal profile] bookworm_faith / [livejournal.com profile] bookworm_faith / [plurk.com profile] bookwormfaith

IC/OOC Permissions )

Maglor's abilities don't really factor much into gameplay but he IS a bard from a canon that can wield song as a weapon/magicy thing so... (also he... can't quite read minds but he can skim surface thoughts if you are open to it, although he is unlikely to do so, and more importantly part of his music is to PROJECT what he is singing so) LET ME KNOW IF THESE BECOME AN ISSUE 

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Your pardon, but I am unavailable. If you will, leave a message and I will answer as soon as I may
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Your pardon, but I am unavailable. If you will, leave a message and I will answer as soon as I may.
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Name/Handle: Bookworm/Tea
Contact: [plurk.com profile] bookwormfaith
Reference: [plurk.com profile] elfwannabe Beth - [personal profile] faithfulwisdom & [personal profile] thetigress
Other characters: n/a

Character name: Makalaure Kanafinwe "Maglor"
Character journal: [personal profile] bythewaves
Series name: Tolkien's Silmarillion
Canon notes: Maglor is taken here from the end of the Third Age, when the ship carrying the Ring Bearers sail. Technically there is no canon evidence he survives til then... but also none that says he does not.

Species: Eldar/Elf (specifically Noldor)

History: )
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Name: Tea/Bookworm
Preferred Pronoun: she
Contact: PM or [plurk.com profile] bookwormfaith

Name: Makalaure Canafinwe "Maglor"
Canon: Tolkien - Silmarillion
AU: CRAU from [community profile] asgardeventide

Pull-point: Canon-wise, the end of LOTR, he has just watched the White Ship sail with the Ringbearers. Asgard-wise he's from the end of the game, where they prevented the destruction of the world.

Power Opt-in post link: here

Content Opt-out post link: here

Age: 9400+ give or take a few centuries?

Gender/Sex: Male

Appearance: like most of his family, Maglor is tall (over 6ft), slender (lean rather than bulky), dark haired and grey eyed. Despite his age, on first glance he looks to be in his late 20s/early 30s. He wears his hair long and loose (which is handy for covering his ears if he wants to look human), but he does have the gear to do formal braids and he'll braid if he needs to do anything other than "wander around like a hobo". He has nasty, nasty old burn scars on his hands, right worse than left, which should be far more contracted than they are (and also should be far more HEALED than they are). He's also coming in from winter in Asgard so he'll be wearing a most un-elf like terrible rainbow barf woolly Christmas jumper.

Once upon a time there was this elf genius named Feanor with seven sons, of whom Maglor was the second. He made three really pretty jewels that even Ultimate Evil wanted, but alas, Feanor slammed his door quite literally in Ultimate Evil's face. This was perhaps a mistake. In revenge, Ultimate Evil killed Feanor' father, the Trees that lit the world, oh and stole the jewels. Genius apparently means lacking all common sense so Feanor promptly swore a terrible oath to get the jewels back no matter what and all his sons swore it too. Things promptly went downhill. First they (1) rebelled against the Valar and took all the Noldor with them (2) stole the ships and killed the sailors of the sea elves (3) Feanor lit all the boats on fire so they couldn't go back and pick up everyone else causing (4) accidental filicide since his youngest son was asleep on the boats and (5) for Feanor's brother to go "SCREW YOU I'M COMING ANYWAY" and taking the long way around on the Grinding Ice . This was followed by Feanor foolishly charging Ultimate Evil and promptly dying, causing his eldest son to take up kingship, only to shortly be captured by Ultimate Evil & needing to be rescued by his BFF Fingon (also his cousin, who came around the long way on the Ice with his father) and promptly handing said kingship over to him. THUS FOLLOWS SEVERAL CENTURIES OF SIEGE AND LOTS OF PEOPLE DYING. Enter Beren & Luthien, whose story is a love story of epic proportions and stupid decisions! Ending with one of said three jewels being in the hands of Dior, an elf king. Much more approachable than Ultimate Evil. Sadly, also just as unwilling to give it up. Hence winding up dead and the jewel escaping with his daughter Elwing, who marries Earendil and they have twin boys! And when Maglor et al come for the jewel Elwing jumps off a cliff rather than give them the jewel. The Valar of the Water, Ulmo, takes pity on her and turns her into a seabird, and she flies off to where Earendil is sailing and they, assuming their sons are dead, go to Valinor to plead with the Valar to PLEASE GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT ULTIMATE EVIL. Except the boys aren't dead - Maglor and Maedhros adopted them. They are, apparently, quite good dads, and "love grew between them, as little might be thought", until they come to their senses, realise hanging out with insane mass murderers is not good for developing minds, and send them to Gil-Galad and Cirdan. THE VALAR COME and Ultimate Evil is beaten, and the jewels taken. Maglor and Maedhros sneak in and steal them... and find out they can't touch them, the jewels burning them to the bone. Maedhros commits suicide, and Maglor throws his into the sea... and vanishes into time. No one knows what happens to him.
But maybe... he lingers by the sea, and sometimes he makes his way inland, a silent ghost on the edges of history, a recorder of the great events of the world, a helping hand gone in the morning, a voice on the waves. And one day he watches the White Ship sail, and then he blinks and he is in a room in an unfamiliar world and he is mortal. He has been chosen, they tell him, the gods wish him to help them stave off Ragnarok. His soul echoes with the Song and so he has been bound to Freyr, the God of Poetry, and may borrow some of his power. Shortly after his arrival, they go to Muspelheim, to challenge Surt. And Maglor dies, taking on the Lord of the Fire Giants alone to buy time for his Lady Commander to escape. But the gods won't let him go, and so Maglor lives. To Asgard comes Elrond, who tells him he forgives him, and a boy broken by his ‘mother’, young Kevin Prentiss, and Maglor has someone he needs to protect. He has a roommate, a Time Lord, endlessly logical and practical Braxatiel, who verbally smacks down his morbid wanderings and teaches him about different worlds. He meets Alice, a womanchild on the edge of adulthood, scarred and broken and still so very gentle, and he calls her his butterfly, and guards her as if he were a father, teaches her the knife skills she will need to survive. He meets a wise soul in a sassy young body, and he calls Riley "Sister" and she scolds him out of his moods and steals food from his kitchen. And Maglor has a family. And at last... Maglor finds his hope for a broken monk who has lost his, and in the darkness of Ragnarok he laughs, and the world... does not end. "You can stay, or you can go" - and Maglor has two little ones who have no homes to return to... so he stays. And then he wakes up here.

Personality: Maglor is Feanorion, to start, which makes him, like all his family, stubborn, proud, prone to holding grudges, prone to rash and terrible oaths, honourable enough to keep said terrible oath... and probably not entirely sane. Maglor specifically was said to have more of his gentler mother's personality, and is likely to have been the peacekeeper of his headstrong brothers. He isn't as charismatic as his father, Maedhros or Curufin (all of whom were capable of causing civil unrest pretty much with just one speech), but he is extremely skilled with words.
Despite his gentler temperament, he was a strong and capable war-leader, holding Maglor's Gap, the weakest part of their defences, for 4.5 centuries. He was level-headed enough and commanded enough loyalty to refuse to go on a (suicidal) rescue of his older brother Maedhros and held that stance as the High until Fingon was crazy enough to rescue him. Maedhros, in gratitude, turned the high kingship over to Fingolfin's house, which his brothers disagreed with - it is likely that Maglor was the only one to back him on that decision. He was also politically savvy enough to be one of only 2 of the brothers to stay on good terms with both Fingolfin & Finarfin's house (Maedhros, unsurprisingly, was the other). He is loyal to a fault – particularly in regards to Maedhros. Tolkien says that he kept the Oath more for love of his family than for any care for the Silmarils, and regretted his actions deeply by the end (having said that, he's also old enough, and wise enough to know that he would not change things, if he had a chance). Bear in mind he's also a killer, and a very good one, considering how long he's lasted.
As he is right now, he's had plenty of time to knock off many of his rough edges, and nowadays is just plain tired. Emo Elf is Emo, but seriously, he's very depressed. He's likely to be insomniac due to the horrible nightmares of his past, almost certainly suffers flashbacks, and has a huge guilt complex. He's lonely as all get go, but canon says he "came never back", largely, I suspect, because he does not dare bring his Curse ('to evil end will all things turn') into range of other people. He also has lots of unresolved issues with his family, and the only thing he hates more than himself is Evil in any shape he finds it. Asgard has helped a lot with much of this - he's much more sane, and has found his hope again, but he's still rather broken around the edges.

racial abilities:
(1) functionally immortal - as in, don't die of age, and not, can't be killed
(2) Elves are faster, stronger and hardier than Men, and they heal faster too. This is not 100% proof, as canon has at least one instance where a Man could bear armor that an Elf could not. Also this means they can survive on surprisingly little food & water for a surprisingly long time!
(3) Elves have unusually good eyesight and hearing - this is pretty variable, but generally an Elf can see further & hear more than a typical human
(4) Elves like talking to things - all the things - and it is strongly implied that they get some sort of answer, although I imagine it isn't speech that they get in return but... impressions maybe. Again, who hears what will depend on the Elf in question - Maglor, I suspect, hears the Sea loud and clear, and all Elves hear the stars.
(5) Elves glow.
(6) Elves are very light-footed - this does include the whole 'walk on snow' thing, but it also means that if an Elf doesn't want to be tracked, he or she won't be, unless it's by another elf - again I imagine some are better at this than others (Wood Elves like Legolas, for example, probably find Noldor like Maglor hilariously clumsy and easy to track). They are said in canon to be quieter than even the Hobbits when they walk.
(7) Elves can read minds. Sort of. See Permissions.
(8) Elves don't need sleep. Ok this is not entirely accurate, because they DO, they just... don't quite do it like other races do. They apparently have the ability to essentially create a waking dream-like state where they can walk and probably talk (although I wouldn't get them to, say, sew or anything needing fine motor control) while meditating on ~*beautiful things*~ and this is almost as good as sleep for them, allowing them to go days without actually needing shut-eye.
(9) Tolkien's world was created by Song. Therefore, it follows that one may USE Song to affect the world. Maglor is stated to be canonically the second best bard in existence. I suspect, that at the very LEAST he can influence emotion with his music, and at the extreme, do things that are ~*magic*~. Like... I dunno put people to sleep and fight epic rap battles with music. Generally, Elven music is described as drawing the images to mind and lingering there, even if you had no clue what the words meant - I actually think this is related to the mind reading bit, so you could probably block said images out, if you wanted. Also being a musical genius, despite that canon only talks about his harp, chances are, if you put any instrument in his hands he'd learn how to play it pretty quickly - although things closer to what he's familiar with would be easier (he'd look at a piano pretty blankly, for example, but a guitar or a violin would probably be easy to work out, a french horn would get poked at, but a flute would make sense etc.)
--> AM POWER NERFING: The Song is broken, which is going to confuse Maglor heaps, but he's also spent over a year living as a human, with zero access to it, so it won't be say, painful. He's learnt to work around not hearing it. He'll loose his ability to manipulate it the way he used to, so if he's doing anything more elaborate than, say, singing his babies to sleep I rather think he's going to get some very nasty backlash. On the plus side, no more wandering off and getting lost in the song of the sea?
(10) Maglor's a bard, and his dad was a genius who invented their written alphabet - Maglor is a Language Geek. I would put good money that he learns languages for fun (or did, before the whole Oath thing). He's also got a brilliant memory (he would have to to create and then tell his stories, but all elves are supposed to have something pretty close to perfect recall),although I suspect he's a tad absent minded, like most artists - chances are, he can recall EVERYTHING that happened to him if he really wants to
(11) Maglor's dad being Feanor, I'm pretty sure Maglor spent time in the forges - he'd probably be familiar with basic metallurgy and smithing, and with his personality he was probably fascinated by the finicky jewellery type work, although I have no doubt he got out as soon as Feanor let him
(12) Maglor is a very good fighter - he's survived several thousand years in a world where fighting is up close and personal and involves things like dragons, balrogs and trolls - and he's done so without loosing any limbs or getting obvious deforming scars. This implies that he is very very good (also probably quite lucky). One of the reasons he was able to hold Maglor's Gap for so long is because he led a calvary - one of the few known in early Middle Earth. At the least, he'd be an excellent swordsman and a very good horseman, and being a calvary officer, he probably also used a spear, and bow & arrows.
(13) Being second of seven brothers + umpteen younger cousins + raising two elflings + surviving the First Age at all, Maglor's probably pretty good at basic first aid and management of battle wounds. He's not a healer, but he can keep you alive long enough to get you TO a healer.

He is armed - longsword, hunting knife.
And apart from his normal clothes, he does have a large, warm, HIDEOUSLY COLOURED Christmas Jumper
He also has a small bracelet around his wrist, although the stone is grey and non functional - this was the communication device in Asgard.

Anything else: ... word limits... somehow achieved?


Mar. 26th, 2014 11:33 am
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David Meece - Seventy Times Seven
This prison has no walls / This bondage has no chains / My memories have no mercy / There's no one left to blame
Wish I could force back the hands of time / And right every wrong / Grant me just this one last chance / Before it's gone, gone gone
Seventy times seven / Will You forgive me for all that I've done? / Seventy times seven / I'm so afraid of what I've become
For all the promises laid to waste / For all the seeds unsown / For all the justice I never faced / I must now atone
Is there a soul that can't be saved? / Is there a heart that has no hope? / Is there a peace that can still be made? / Please, say it's so

Andrew Peterson - The Reckoning
I can see the storm descending on the hill tonight / Tall trees are bending to your will tonight / Let the mighty bow down / At the thundering sound of your voice
I can hear the howling wind and feel the rain tonight / Every drop a prophet in your name tonight / And the words that they sing / They are washing me clean, but
How long until this curtain is lifted? / How long is this the song that we sing? / How long until the reckoning?
And I know you hear the cries of every soul tonight / You see the teardrops as they roll tonight / Down the faces of saints / Who grow weary and faint in your fields
And the wicked roam the cities and the streets tonight / But when the God of love and thunder speaks tonight / Down the faces of saints / Who grow weary and faint in your fields
And the wicked roam the cities and the streets tonight / But when the God of love and thunder speaks tonight / I believe You will come / Your justice be done, but how long?
You are holiness and grace / You are fury and rest / You are anger and love / You curse and you bless / You are mighty and weak / You are silence and song / You are plain as the day, / But you have hidden your face-- / For how long? How long?
And I am standing in the stillness of the reckoning / The storm is past and rest is beckoning / Mighty God, how I fear you / How I long to be near you, O Lord
How long until the burden is lifted? / How long is this the song that we sing? / How long until the reckoning? / And I know that I don't know what I'm asking / But I long to look you full in the face / I am ready for the reckoning

Have mercy on me, O God, / according to your unfailing love; / according to your great compassion / blot out my transgressions
Wash away all my iniquity / and cleanse me from my sin / For I know my transgressions, / and my sin is always before me.
Against you, you only, have I sinned / and done what is evil in your sight; / so you are right in your verdict / and justified when you judge.

When the cold of winter comes / Starless night will cover day / In the veiling of the sun / We will walk in bitter rain
But in dreams / I can hear your name / And in dreams / We will meet again
When the seas and mountains fall / And we come, to end of days / In the dark I hear a call / Calling me there
I will go there / And back again

Nobody knows who I really am / I never felt this empty before / And if I ever need someone to come along, / Who’s gonna comfort me, and keep me strong?
We are all rowing the boat of fate / The waves keep on coming and we can’t escape / But if we ever get lost on our way / The waves would guide you through another day

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, / And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by; / And the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking, / And a grey mist on the sea's face, and a grey dawn breaking.
I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide / Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied; / And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying, / And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.
I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life, / To the gull's way and the whale's way where the wind's like a whetted knife; / And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover, / And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's over.

I was finished, game over / Couldn't carry the weight on my shoulders / At my end, in trouble / Knocked down on the ground seein' double
But then Your love, love opened my eyes / Lifted me up, up, now I'm alive / I raise my hands, hands to the sky / Singing "Oh oh oh oh oh oh" / "Oh oh oh oh oh"
Oh Lord, I'm a different man / You gave me a second chance / I was lost, I was fallin' apart / But You came along, and You hit the restart

I have been unfaithful / I have been unworthy / I have been unrighteous / And I have been unmerciful.
I have been unreachable / I have been unteachable / I have been unwilling / And I have been undesirable
Sometimes, I have been unwise / I’ve been undone by what I’m unsure of / But because of you, and all that you went through / I know that I have never been unloved
I have been unbroken / I have been unmended / I have been uneasy / And I have been unapproachable
I’ve been unemotional / I’ve been unexceptional / I’ve been undecided / And I have been unqualified
Unaware, I have been unfair / I’ve been unfit for blessings from above / But even I can see, the sacrifice you made for me / To show that I have never been unloved.

There's something happening here / There's something here that I just can't explain / I know I'm where I belong / Deep down inside I am no longer lost!
I won't let you go (This is what you really want) / So don't let go of me (This is what you asked for) / I wanted something more (This is what you really want) / I wanted this right here (This is what you asked for)
Keep laugh until it hurts / It hurts 'till we learn / Down the point of fear / But there's joy somehow in me! / You're not as strong as I am / You're not as strong as I am!

Ah! like gold fall the leaves in the wind, / long years numberless as the wings of trees! / The long years have passed like swift draughts / of the sweet mead in lofty halls beyond the West, / beneath the blue vaults of Varda wherein the stars / tremble in the song of her voice, holy and queenly.
Who now shall refill the cup for me? / For now the Kindler, Varda, the Queen of the Stars, / from Mount Everwhite has uplifted her hands like clouds, / and all paths are drowned deep in shadow; / and out of a grey country darkness lies / on the foaming waves between us, and mist
covers the jewels of Calacirya for ever.
Now lost, lost to those from the East is Valimar! / Farewell! Maybe thou shalt find Valimar. / Maybe even thou shalt find it. Farewell!

It should feel so good / It should be so right  / Going home again / To find the years that shaped my life
But shadows line the streets, /  They whisper endlessly / And all I see are ghosts / Of my most painful memories
Going home, going home, / Lord, someday I'm going home / To a place where I know I belong / Where the ghosts, and the fears / And the shadows disappear / Oh, his angels bear us there / Going home.

In the beginning / I was counting the stones on the seashore, / Looking for the precious ones. / Among the stones, I found many pretty things / While the sea rolled on beside me all the time.
Time moved on. / I had collected many stones 'til I tired of them, / And I think they tired of me. / Some were lovely, but I was never satisfied, / And the sea rolled on beside me all the time.
And the wind rose, east and cold. / Whisp'ring sweetly to my soul. / And it said "Look you fool, / You are missing precious things: Raise your eyes and look towards the sea."
So I looked: It was as if I saw the sea for the first time, / And it's power captured me. / All the time I had wasted seeking stones, / I had missed the rolling glory of the sea.
And the sea / Devoured a mighty swathe of heart, overwhelmed me / In a way I couldn't know, / And the price for the love of greater things / Was surrender to the great and cruel sea.
And it stole me, and I feared the aching sea, / It consumed me, drowned my mind. / The wind said "Look, you fool, / No matter what you do, / You can't contain the ocean like a stone.


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Hey, you reached Arnold Benedict of the Benedict Gallery!
Sorry, I can't answer the phone right now but leave a message and I'll get back to you soon.
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Name: Arnold Benedict : Maglor
Age: 41
Appearance: Tall, lean, Messy dark hair that he tends to wear long, grey eyes
Occupation: Artist/Gallery owner
IC contact: IC Inbox

Full Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo - When the twins are born and put into his arms, he develops a phobia of the twins and accidents involving any combinations of boats, fire, sharp pointy objects and heights
2nd Echo - seeing Julien and remembering Elwing jumping from the tower
3rd Echo - elf ears from seeing Liam's
4th Echo - Speaking & Understanding Sindarin (Tier 2: February 2015)
5th Echo - that the Ring of Barahir once belonged to his cousin, the elven king Finrod (sometimes Ingo)
6th Echo - The Oath of Feanor and a Silmaril which is only a fancy shiny glowy rock right now (Tier 2: March 2015 - Lights)
7th Echo - That he is a kinslayer, that he has killed a lot of people - specifically, he remembers attacking the Havens of Sirion that led to Elwing jumping
8th Echo - He remembers that the lady of his first memory's name is Elwing, and that she left twin sons behind
9th Echo - That there was a large wingless dragon called Glaurung that razed 'his' lands
10th Echo - That he has brothers, although he does not yet remember their names or how many he had from taking his Dopple home
11th Echo - Elven hearing from using the teleporter
12th Echo - He now has all his brothers names, nicknames, epesse's and titles, as well as his own. Thanks dad. XD
13th Echo - He know knows that Feanaro/Feanor is his dad!
14th Echo - He remembers Feanor teaching him Valarin and that he hated it
15th Echo - He has his Magic Music back - he can sing disguises or enchant you, ranging from a trance to putting you to sleep! (Galapagos Lights)
16th Echo - He knows that his mother named him Makalaure for his harp
17th Echo - He knows what his brothers & father looked like, what their names & epesse's are
18th Echo - dual swords (Wolpertiger encounter)
19th Echo - He remembers dad being attacked & has the requisite sword skills to fight.
20th Echo - That mum's name is Nerdanel and gosh her hair is the EXACT SAME SHADE as Aubri's.
21st Echo - that Varda/Elbereth is someone the elves revere and she made the stars...and her song/prayer
22nd Echo - He now knows the moon is a ship with a giant glowing flower in crystal piloted by a lovesick angel-demigod-type-being called Tillion (gotta love Tolkien cosmology). And the sun is a ship with a giant glowing fruit piloted by a exasperated angel-demigod-type-being called Arien who wants to smack her stalker
23rd Echo - Finrod's full name - Findarato Atarfinde Ingoldo sometimes called Felagund.
24th Echo - He knows that he lost something very precious to the sea, and has a pull to return to find it
25th Echo - Once upon a time Feanor/Feivel's preincarnation was a dumb butt and charged ahead of his troops to take on the Big Bad, who laughed and told all his Firey Demons to take on the Leeroy Jenkins. FEANOR DIES AND MAGLOR/Arnold's preincarnation gets there too late to do anything more than drive them off and hold dad's body in his arms, swear his Binding Oath of Stupid and Shinies again and watch as dad dies and spontaneously combusts. Arnold remembers this now |D
26th Echo - Arnold now remembers watching Maedhros jump into a firey chasm in front of him. Good times.

STE app

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Name: Bookworm/Tea
Are you over 15? Ayup
Contact: PM this account or plurk
Current characters in the game: N/A

Name: Preincarnation: Makalaure "Maglor" Kanafinwe | Post: Arnold Benedict
Canon and Medium: Tolkien's Silmarillion (book)
Age: ....*older than the moon and sun* | 41
Pre-Incarnation Species: Noldorin Elf
Pre-Incarnation Appearance: sadly Tolkien *never describes him* But assuming typical Noldorin Elf, tall (6 foot plus), long dark hair, grey eyes, lean rather than bulky, pointy ears. Also he glows.
Any Differences: No glowing, no pointy ears. Also I think I will say he is a bit shorter than 6'6"~
Starting Location: Locke/Las Vegas

Pre-incarnate History )

Reincarnate History ) 

First Echo )

Personality )
Abilities )
Roleplay Samples )
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Name: bookworm/tea
Age: 34
Personal Journal: [personal profile] bookworm_faith
E-mail: Gmail: bookwormfaith
AIM/MSN/etc: [plurk.com profile] bookwormfaith

Name: Makalaure "Maglor" Canafinwe
Canon: Tolkien's Legendarium
Age: older than the moon and sun which makes it hard to guess age BUT As an estimate, he's roughly 3000 by the end of the Silmarillion (First Age). Second Age lasted 3441 years, Frodo sails 3012 of the Third Age. So... 9400+? But he looks to be in his late 20s/early 30s
Timeline: The end of the Lord of the Rings - he has just watched Elrond, Galadriel, Gandalf & Frodo Sail
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: n/a

Personality )

Background )

Abilities )

First Person )

Third Person )
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- ★ NAME: bookworm
- ★ AGE: 32
- ★ TIMEZONE: GMT +9:30
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- ★ NAME: Makalaure 'Maglor' Kanafinwe
- ★ AGE: older than the moon and sun which makes it hard to guess age (THANK YOU FOR BEING UNCLEAR PROFESSOR), but... taken at the end of the First Age, he's... probably about 3000 or so?
- ★ CANON INFORMATION: Maglor specifically, Silmarillion generally if you wish to ignore my TLDR.
So I cannot be concise re: Tolkien BUT I WILL TRY. Also please bear in mind that The Professor CONSTANTLY CHANGED HIS MIND about ... everything ever, so I go by published Silmarillion canon with HoME for clarification and seldom venture beyond that. OKAY SO. )

- ★ PERSONALITY: ...sob I am sorry this is like the longest app ever )

- ★ COURT ALLIANCE: *head in hands* oh frag me stupid sons of Feanor OKAY THIS IS COMPLICATED SO )

- ★ ABILITIES: SOB ok so there are some generic elf-things and some things that Maglor specifically would LIKELY be able to do based on extrapolation but Tolkien never specified ok? OK. So.

- ★ INVENTORY: He's a bit of a walking arsenal right now )

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OOC Information
Personal Journal: bookworm-faith.livejournal.com / bookworm-faith.dreamwidth.org

IC Information;
Character Name; Makalaure "Maglor" Canafinwe
Canon; JRR Tolkien's The Silmarillion (Maglor specifically: lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Maglor, The Silmarillion generally: lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Quenta_Silmarillion)
Canon Point; End of the Third Age (the very end of the Lord of the Rings - he's just watched Frodo, Bilbo, Elrond, Gandalf & Galadriel sail West)
Age; Older than the Moon & Sun. Um. As an estimate, he's roughly 3000 by the end of the Silmarillion (First Age). Second Age lasted 3441 years, Frodo sails 3012 of the Third Age. So... 9400+? 
Appearance; like most of his family, Maglor is tall (over 6ft), slender, dark haired and grey eyed. Despite his age, on first glance he looks to be in his late 20s/early 30s. He wears his hair long and loose (which is handy for covering his ears if he wants to look human). His ears are pointed, but they are also fairly easy to hide, and may not be noticed on first glance. Coming in to Asgard he'll be in clothes similar to Legolas from LOTR except (1) older in style, and far more worn (2) he'll favour blacks and greys as a colour scheme. The only things on his person that look well cared for are the silver 8-rayed Star-of-Feanor cloak pin, his harp, and his weapons.

House; Freyr
(and he who harps upon the far / forgotten beaches and dark shores / where western foam forever roars / Maglor whose voice is like the sea)
Power; Bardic Influence (oh look its his canon ability!) Level 3

Emo Elf is Emo )

Samples )

(1) the clothes on his back
(2) he's armed, oh yes - longsword, hunting knife
(3) his harp

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The first thing you hear is the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Slowly, slowly, you hear the voice - rising and falling like the waves and the cry of the seabirds wheeling overhead, it sings, slow and sad, in a language long forgotten by Time. If you listen, the words conjure the meaning for you, drawing the images of a people tall and proud and fair, of blood on white sands and flames on the water, and banners raised glinting under a new Sun. The first thing you see is a man, or at least, the shape of one. Tall and ragged, with his face turned towards the sea, he sings, and it is as if the sea weeps for him. His clothes are fine but well-worn, and his dark hair is tangled by the wind, untouched by any frost. His face is as young and unlined as any callow youth, but his eyes! Ah, his eyes, they are as grey as the sea, and so terribly, terribly old. There is a fell light in them, even now, but it is clouded by a grief that can never be assuaged.


Two familiar voices speak as one, and I cannot help but turn to see them, my sons of the heart. 

"Why did you kill our mother?"

I hide the flinch as I recognise what is to come. I am, as always, not given time to answer.

"Why did you abandon us?"

I cannot bear to watch, and yet I cannot look away. My beloved sons, looking at me with blank accusing eyes, but they aren't mine, not really. They never were. Around us, the pillars of Doriath rise, and the floor beneath my feet is slick with blood. Unbidden, my hand clenches around my blade, my brothers' voices an angry hum that refuses to form into words in the numb cloud that surrounds me. Still, I understand - we were once seven. Now, we are four. And they are so, so angry. Hands, my hands, holding tight enough to bruise, gripping small arms and dragging them with me (this is wrong, this is wrong, it was not I who did this, I did not sanction this! ... but I did not stop them, either. And they were so, so angry).

"Why are you trying to kill us?"

Not my sons, not mine, but akin to them, oh yes. So alike, looking at me with terrified eyes, even as we turn away, abandoning them to the creeping shadows in the trees, ignoring their pleas for us to return.

"Why did you kill us?"

Ah! Elured, Elurin, forgive me! My sons, please....


I can no longer tell which set of twins is which. Perhaps I never could? They stare at me with accusing eyes, reaching for me, begging, pleasing, grasping, demanding to know why. The Oath, it was the Oath, my sons, please understand!

"Give us back our parents! Give us back our lives!"

"I cannot!" I break from the dream, fleeing back to the world of the waking. It seems there will be no rest for me this night, either. I would weep, if I had any tears left. 'His very voice might cleave gold' they said of me once, a long time ago in the days of careless youth. But those days are gone now, nothing more than a faded dream. As I raise my voice in lamentation now, only the sea and the sand hear me, and surely it is not gold I cleave, but only my own heart. If they could hear me now, would they weep for me? Ah beloved, what has become of me? Will you mourn me, when I return not, or were you glad when they said that Maglor Kinslayer wanders still along the shore? Oh my brothers, does the Everlasting Darkness bring peace? Was it worth it, father, to make mother weep so?. 


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And they swore an oath which none shall break, and none should take, by the name even of Ilúvatar, calling the Everlasting Dark upon them if they kept it not...

"Be he foe or friend, be he foul or clean
Brood of Morgoth or bright Vala,
Elda or Maia or Aftercomer,
Neither law, nor love, nor league of swords,
Dread nor danger, not Doom itself
Shall defend him from Fëanáro, and Fëanáro's kin,
Whoso hideth or hoardeth, or in hand taketh,
Finding keepeth or afar casteth
A Silmaril. This swear we all...
Death we will deal him ere Day's ending,
Woe unto world's end! Our word hear thou,
Eru Allfather! To the everlasting
Darkness doom us if our deed faileth...
On the holy mountain hear in witness
and our vow remember,
Manwë and Varda!"
- JRR Tolkien, The Lays of Beleriand

There they beheld suddenly a dark figure standing high upon a rock that looked down upon the shore. Some say that it was Mandos himself, and no lesser herald of Manwë. And they heard a loud voice, solemn and terrible, that bade them stand and give ear. Then all halted and stood still, and from end to end of the hosts of the Noldor the voice was heard speaking the curse and prophecy which is called the Prophecy of the North, and the Doom of the Noldor. Much it foretold in dark words, which the Noldor understood not until the woes indeed after befell them; but all heard the curse that was uttered upon those that would not stay nor seek the doom and pardon of the Valar.

"Tears unnumbered ye shall shed; and the Valar will fence Valinor against you, and shut you out, so that not even the echo of your lamentation shall pass over the mountains. On the House of Fëanor the wrath of the Valar lieth from the West unto the uttermost East, and upon all that will follow them it shall be laid also. Their Oath shall drive them, and yet betray them, and ever snatch away the very treasures that they have sworn to pursue. To evil end shall all things turn that they begin well; and by treason of kin unto kin, and the fear of treason, shall this come to pass. The Dispossessed shall they be for ever."
"Ye have spilled the blood of your kindred unrighteously and have stained the land of Aman. For blood ye shall render blood, and beyond Aman ye shall dwell in Death's shadow. For though Eru appointed to you to die not in Ea, and no sickness may assail you, yet slain ye may be, and slain ye shall be: by weapon and by torment and by grief; and your houseless spirits shall come then to Mandos. There long shall ye abide and yearn for your bodies, and find little pity though all whom ye have slain should entreat for you. And those that endure in Middle-earth and come not to Mandos shall grow weary of the world as with a great burden, and shall wane, and become as shadows of regret before the younger race that cometh after. The Valar have spoken."

Then many quailed; but Fëanor hardened his heart and said: 'We have sworn, and not lightly. This oath we will keep. We are threatened with many evils, and treason not least; but one thing is not said: that we shall suffer from cowardice, from cravens or the fear of cravens. Therefore I say that we will go on, and this doom I add: the deeds that we shall do shall be the matter of song until the last days of Arda.' -JRR Tolkien, The Silmarillion

And it was so.

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